Taxpayers Association of Tanzania (TATA)

“Voices of Taxpayers for fair and just taxes and accountability

Taxpayers Association of Tanzania (TATA) is an independent, non-partisan Organization Association of Taxpayers in Tanzania formed in 1997 for the purpose of advocating for a lower, just and fair taxation system, protecting taxpayers’ rights and providing clear information about government taxation and expenditure. It is a voice of Taxpayers in Tanzania where it seeks, not only to inform taxpayers on their rights and freedom, but also work to convey a message to policy and decision makers, tax collector and the entire population on the need for environmental and institutional change towards attaining free and fair taxation system in our country.

It is clear that public services do not produce the revenue streams that can make the services commercially viable, in that case,  improvement of  the public sector’s capacity to deliver  will require improved efficiency in public spending, as well as higher tax revenues. Unfortunately few people comply with tax obligations due to a deep mistrust of public institutions and a widespread lack of experience with paying taxes. Most individuals and businessmen have little knowledge of their rights and responsibilities and the tax administration, and fail to see any link between taxes and government spending.

In fact, Taxes have been raising irrespective to very little improvement in the quality of schools, hospitals, transport and other services provided by the government. National debt has been increasing; unless action is taken to tackle unsustainable public spending future generations will inherit the consequences of today’s extravagance. High taxes damage the country’s economy and our way of life. Burdensome taxation stunts economic growth and tens of thousands of jobs are being lost as huge tax bills reduce incentives to work, investment and saving. In the long-run, higher taxes make us all poorer.

TATA is envisioned to  ensure the Government remains responsive to the needs of its taxpayers and ensuring the country’s economic growth. By advocating for reforming the tax system itself and determine if there are ways to simplify tax rates, broaden the tax base, and eliminate special exemptions among other. Another important aspect of tax reform is to ensure that internal and external checks are in place to address more taxpayers issues, reach more communities and sustainably influence policy and legislation, Consequently, the taxpayers are central to our strategies, the media, business associations, religious bodies, funders and professional associations are our key partners in attaining the lower, just and fair taxation in our country. We will endeavor to engage deeper for our mutual benefit.