Taxpayers Association of Tanzania (TATA) is a Civil Society Organization registered in I999,by the registrar  of the civil society of the Ministry of Home Affairs under the ACT NO 5 of 1954 of the United Republic of Tanzania and obtained certificate no 10177


To inform and to enable the  Tanzanian taxpayers to understand the tax system, to comply with their tax obligations and to participate in the formation of the fiscal policy of the country.

– To create a forum for creating a conducive environment in Tanzania whereby adequate taxes will be collected and spent in a just an transparent manner without undue inconvenience and hardships on the part of taxpayers.



 increase transparency and accountability in the public sector.

promote business and entrepreneurial activity.

spread general knowledge about taxes to individuals and enterprises.

assist entrepreneurs and individuals to combat irregular tax inspections and provide legal advice.

contribute to the democratic process through media and public education educate adults as well as school children on taxes and explain the link between taxes and government spending.

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